Delightful Unicorn Truffles a.k.a. Buttercream Truffles

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If you’ve been around the baking world for long you have probably heard of, and perhaps even made, cake pops or some variation of them. They are pretty much amazing and delicious and super cute! But personally, the frosting is typically my favorite part of a cake. If you’re the same way then these Unicorn Truffles are for you! Basically, they are a thick buttercream frosting dipped in white chocolate, you could, of course, dip them in regular chocolate if you prefer.

The idea to make these truffles originally came to me when I was making a frosting at work. For some reason, it came out kinda thick and could hold its shape well, but it still tasted fantastic and had a desirable melt in your mouth quality. I wrote down the idea to save for later and the time has come! If you are a frosting lover then Unicorn Truffles are for you. Did I mention that they are super easy to make? Way easier than cake pop…way easier.

In the bowl of your trusty electric mixer beat together soft butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, butter flavoring, and almond flavoring. You can use any flavoring you want to. I just usually use vanilla, butter, and almond in my buttercreams, but feel free to use what you like.

Divide the resulting thick buttercream into four parts. Try to make them kinda equal.

Place one of the parts in the mixer and add some food coloring to it.

Mix until the coloring is mixed in well.

The colors I did were pink, blue, purple, and I left one part white. You could use any colors you like together, though.

Now take a small bit of each color in your hand. Make sure the bits aren’t too big because you’re going to combine them into one truffle, about an inch in diameter. These are pretty rich so small truffles are better, plus then you can have two… or three… or four?

Roll all the bits of color together in your hand, making a nice ball.

Place the buttercream ball on a waxed paper lined baking sheet.

Repeat until all the buttercream has been made into little balls. Place the buttercream balls in the freezer for several hours or until very hard.

When the Unicorn Truffles are frozen through you can melt your chocolate. Like I said I used white chocolate, but you could definitely use milk or dark chocolate if you prefer. You can also set up your dipping station. I like to put a large piece of parchment paper on the counter to place the truffles on after they are dipped. Also get your dipping tools around! I have a very fancy dipping tool… It’s a plastic fork with the middle two tines removed. Ha!

Oh, and don’t’ forget to get your sprinkles/colored sugar/edible glitter ready to go! The chocolate dries fast on the frozen buttercream balls so you’ll want your sprinkles easily accessible.

Only take 3-5 truffles out of the freezer at a time to work with. They thaw pretty fast and they have to be frozen to dip, otherwise, they get all melty in the melted chocolate… not a good situation. So, dip a truffle in the melted chocolate.

Place the Unicorn Truffle on the parchment paper.

Quick add the sprinkles! It’s SO pretty!!!

Dip some more.

Continue until all the Unicorn Truffles are dipped and sprinkled!

Once the chocolate is fully set you can use a knife or kitchen scissors to cut off any excess chocolate that dried around the bottom fo the Unicorn Truffles.

Now you get to try one and see how awesome they look on the inside. Unless you’re my dad and then you just put the whole thing in your mouth and don’t look at the cool inside at all…

Don’t you love the epic Unicorn Truffles you just made?! They are sure to win praise wherever you take them. Kids especially love them ( ALL THE SUGAR!!!). They are lots of fun to make and some of the easiest truffles you can make. Actually, you could quite easily make these with children, they would love it. Oh, I should mention you can store these at room temperature, in fact, they taste best that way it makes the buttercream texture really stand out. You can freeze them for longer storage too.

Have you ever made cake pops?

Delightful Unicorn Truffles a.k.a. Buttercream Truffles
Unicorn Truffles: these are so delicious! They are basically a truffle made out of a thick buttercream frosting! Also, they are super easy to make.
  • 1c. soft butter
  • 5c. powdered sugar
  • ½t. pure vanilla extract
  • ¼t. butter flavoring
  • ¼t. almond extract
  • three different colors of food coloring (the paste variety)
  • Chocolate for dipping (I just used Vanilla Almond Bark)
  • Plenty of assorted sprinkles and colored sugars and edible glitter
  1. In the bowl of an electric mixer beat together the butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, butter flavoring, and almond extract. Beat until very well combined.
  2. Divide the buttercream into 4 parts. Color each part (you can leave one white if want too).
  3. Pinch off a bit of each color and roll it together to form about a 1-inch ball. Place the ball on a waxed paper lined sheet pan. Repeat with remaining buttercream.
  4. Freeze the ball several hours or overnight or until they are frozen through.
  5. Melt the dipping chocolate. Place a piece of parchment paper on the countertop. Make sure the sprinkles are readily accessible.
  6. Working with 3-5 buttercream balls at a time (leaving the rest in the freezer) dip a truffle, set it on the parchment paper, and decorate with sprinkles. Reaper with remaining buttercream balls.
  7. Allow the chocolate to set before cutting off any excess chocolate around the bottom.
  8. Store at room temperature for best flavor and texture. Freeze for longer storage.

Original Recipe By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)