Unicorn Puffs! Delightful Candies for Fun Occasions

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Happy belated Christmas,

So, this post is pretty fun I made some variations of the Unicorn Puffs I posted back in April. I knew that I wanted to as soon as I made them so here I finally have. Anyway, I tried Peanut Butter, Maple, English Toffee, Coffee, and Cake Batter. They all turned out pretty good though some were not quite what I was expecting.

Let’s start with the peanut butter because that is what I started with. I made only two simple changes: 1. I didn’t add cotton candy flavoring (obvious) 2. I replaced the butter with peanut butter!

It turned out a nice brown color. It did burn a little in the bottom of the pan so I think if I make it again I’ll have to stir it a bit.

Anyway, after pulling the candy it became a nice tan color. You can see the color it used to be in the background on the bench scraper, this is what you want. The candy needs to be pulled until it is pretty much cool and has changed to a more opaque almost chalky version of what it was (you’ll find out why I’m driving this point home later).

Then just cut the candies and layer them in an airtight container overnight, the next day is when you know that the magic has happened. That is when the candies are nice and puffy and light and melt in your mouth! The peanut butter ones turned out really yummy, I like them a lot.

I made the Cake batter and the Maple ones on the same day and the only thing I changed was to replace the cotton candy flavor with a dram of either cake batter or maple. They both tasted amazing! The only problem, I didn’t pull them long enough so they ended up being more like taffy. I did not pull them until they were opaque.

Just look at what they became after I left them in an airtight container overnight! A blob!

Did it fail? No, I just wrapped them individually in waxed paper and voila, taffy!

Now for the coffee flavored one I followed the recipe except I added a dram of coffee flavor in place of the cotton candy flavor, and I also forgot the cream of tartar… ops.

Look you can actually see the flavor getting mixed it!

This time I learned my lesson and pulled it until it was cool and opaque.

Then layered it in between waxed paper in an airtight container overnight and hoped for the best… It turned out just fine! Yay! I admit I was a little nervous since I forgot the cream of tartar but all was not lost!

For the English Toffee, I replaced the cotton candy flavoring with English Toffee Flavoring and I didn’t forget anything. Ha! About time right.

I turned out to be a lovely silky white color that was very pretty. And it became nice and melt in your mouth just like it should.

So, can you use flavors other than cotton candy? Definitely! In fact, it turns out great, I especially like the peanut butter and cake batter. Will it turn out if you forget the cream of tartar? It appears to turn out just fine if the cream of tartar is forgotten. Will it still be okay if you run out of arm strength and just can’t pull the candy anymore?! Um, kinda… it won’t be the same but it makes a good taffy 😉 Will it work if you replace the butter with peanut butter? Yes, though you may need to stir it a bit to keep it from scorching to the pan.

I’m still wondering about using different things like what if you use brown sugar in place of the white sugar, or try Nutella in place of the butter… What flavor of Unicorn Puffs will you try?

Original Experiment By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)