How to make a Two in One Cake!

Hey pal,

So, you have a birthday party that you are going to and you were asked to make the cake. Great! The only problem it’s for two different people’s birthday and one likes chocolate cake and the other person prefers white cake! What to do? You don’t need two cakes, not that many people will be there and wasted cake is just sad. The solution a Two in One Cake!

What in the world is a Two in One Cake? It is simply a cake that on one side it’s one kind of cake and on the other side, it’s totally different! For instance, I did a cake to celebrate my grandpa’s and my sister’s birthdays (only one day apart). I did a chocolate turtle cake on one side for my grandpa and a cake made with fresh fruit for my sister on the other side! They both ate both sides of the cake, but whatever.

So how do you begin with this craziness anyway? Simple, first you bake four cakes, this will make a four layer cake. Not too different from having to make a normal four layer cake, the only thing is two cakes are one flavor and the other two cakes are a different flavor.

Once your cakes are baked and cooled all you need to do is level them. I like to use a cake level for this kind of cake in particular so that every layer can be the exact same high. You don’t want one side of the cake higher than the other, not good! So, start with the shortest cake and level it, keep the cake leveler set to the same level for all three cakes. It’s best to freeze the cakes now so that they will be easier to work with for the next part.

Once the cakes are frozen hard it’s time to cut them in half, this is different than leveling them. Use a measuring tape to find the middle of the cake. Then with a long, sharp knife cut the cake in half.

You can now use this half of this cake and place it on top of a different whole cake to use as the edge by which to cut. Just line up the outside edge and cut the middle of the next cake.

Continue cutting the cakes until you have four cakes that are cut in half or eight-half cakes.

Now, the main problem I thought I might run into with this idea was the possibility of the cakes separating and falling away from each other in the middle. To remade this potential issue, I used melted chocolate to stick the cakes together! Just melt some chocolate and pipe it onto the cut edge of the cake and stick a different cut edge of a cake against it and let the chocolate set. For instance, I piped the melted chocolate on the fruity cake and stuck the chocolate cake to it.

Now you have a round cake that is half fruity and half chocolate, or whatever flavors you are using.

Once the chocolate has set, it’s time to assemble your Two in One Cake! Pipe a small amount of your frostings on a cake board.

Top that with one of your “glued” together cake layers.

Pipe a perimeter around each side of cake with the frosting that will be used for that cake. You want the perimeter to go around the outside of the cake as well as through the middle so that the fillings won’t get all mixed together.

Next, add your fillings, each to its own side and cake flavor. The filling layers need to be as even as possible too. That way the cake will come out to be the same height on both sides.

Add the next layer of cake.

Repeat the perimeter and filling layer.

Top with another cake. Repeat the filling and permitter layer. Once all four cakes are on there it’s time to freeze the cake again! Oh, be sure and stack your cakes so that the chocolate cake is on top of the chocolate cake and the fruity cake is on top of the fruity cake, so you have two distinct cakes.

Next, we are going to frost the cakes. You will need two different frostings, one for each side. I used whipped chocolate ganache for one side and a cream cheese frosting for the other side.  Pipe a line of frosting with one of the frostings along it’s side of the cake creating a barrier to keep the other frosting on its side. This way you won’t make a crazy edge, the frostings will just meet on the side and top.

Add some decorations and your cake is done! For the Turtle side of my Two in One Cake, I used a Devil’s Food Cake. I filled the Turtle cake with dulce de leche and frosted it with a whipped chocolate ganache. Then I covered the whole side with mini chocolate chips and toasted pecans.

For the Fruity side I used a variation on this Blueberry Cream Cake, instead of just using blueberries I used: fresh nectarines, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. It was really excellently tasty!

As I said earlier, however, you can use any kind of cake, filling, and frosting that you want to, to make this Two in One Cake! Just be sure not to use things that have too over powering of a flavor. Mint, comes to mind, that is a very powerful flavor and could “contaminate” the non-mint side. Peanut Butter can also be a pretty powerful flavor. So, think about the flavors you want to use and how powerful they are before you start baking. You’ll be glad you did.

Let me know in the comments what combination of cake you try for this Two in One Cake! This is a great technique to have in your cake decorating arsenal!

Original How-To By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)