Extra Crumble Apple Pie

Happy Veteran’s Day! If you are veteran I just wanna say thank you for serving our country and keeping us all safe. Let’s be honest though you came here for the Extra Crumble Apple Pie recipe. What is the best kind of apple pie? Crumble top apple pie! What is the best part of crumble […]

Reese’s Brownie Pie

Happy Election Day? It’s true this Reese’s Brownie Pie has absolutely nothing to do with election day, other then you could make it as a celebration pie if your candidate wins or a consolation pie to cheer you up if they don’t. Anyway, enough talk about all that, let’s talk pie. This Reese’s Brownie Pie is […]

Apricot Crisp

Hello there, If you are looking for a super easy to make dessert that tastes fabulous, then you have come to the right place! This Apricot Crisp is so fast to put together. You use canned apricots; don’t worry, they taste amazing, and then all you really have to whip up is the crumble! This would be a […]

Chocolate Fresh Fruit Cobbler

Salutations, So, I’m sure you have had fruit cobbler, and you may have had chocolate cobbler. But have you ever had Chocolate Fresh Fruit Cobbler?! It is amazing! This recipe is great because you can use any kind of fresh fruit that you think would taste good. I’ve used raspberries and Bing cherries. The pictures […]


Peach Sticky Buns

Hello there, It’s time to have sweets for breakfast! Who doesn’t love to have sweets for breakfast, at least occasionally? These Peach Sticky Buns are a perfect summer breakfast treat. Of course, you don’t have to have them for breakfast, they are also great as a snack or as dessert. Just ask my dad, he practically ate […]