Homemade Fun Dip

This post may contain affiliate links. Howdy, The recipe I’m going to share with you today it ridiculously easy, seriously two ingredients. Before I share the recipe though I want to tell you some exciting news: I’m going to be publishing an ebook! I’m going to sell it on Amazon. Hopefully, I will publish in […]

Seriously Sour Gummy Worms

Hello folks, Have you purchased sour gummy worms lately? Did you notice how un-sour they were? It seems like when I was a kid sour gummy worms were actually sour, more like a War Head candy. Now, it is like the only sour part of a gummy worm is the coating and after you get […]

Watermelon Crispy Treats

Happy Independence Day USA!!! The recipe I have for you today is great for picnics, outdoor get together, and, of course, July 4th! Think of a rice crispy only pink with a green “rind,” but wait it gets better! These crispys don’t just look like watermelon they also taste like watermelon too! The watermelon flavor […]

Gobstopper Style Cake Truffles

Hey there, Today’s recipe is really fun. It is basically a cake truffle, but instead of being all the same color on the inside it has layers, just like a gobstopper! Of course, it isn’t hard like the gobstopper candy, it just has layers like it. For mine, I made each layer a different color […]

Hexi Cake How-To

Howdy, This Hexi Cake is for my sister’s birthday! She works at a quilt shop in Charlotte, MI, called the Hen House. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what hexies are, they are little hexagons that quilters and stitchers use to make patterns and  blocks and things. Hexies have become quite popular with […]

Triple Layer Kool-Aid Crispys

Howdy, Today’s recipe is a lot of fun! Bright colors and bright flavors combined in a super awesome three layer rice crispy! Plus, since it is rice crispys it is also easy to make. These are great for kids parties, summer treats, or just if you are in to mood for some fun. First you will […]