Brown Sugar Spice Angel Food Cake

Hey, This Brown Sugar Spice Angel Food cake is an excellent fall variation on regular angel food cake. It is full of cinnamon and nutmeg with the added richness of brown sugar. It’s a perfect end to any fall meal. It would be absolutely splendid for a Thanksgiving dessert too, especially since it is so light. This […]

Key Lime Angel Food Cake

Howdy, I love angel food cake, it is so light and fluffy. Angel food cake is almost like eating a cloud! It is so good with ice cream or some kind of sauce, or you can use it in trifles and things. Angel food cake is so versatile. The recipe I’m sharing with you today takes […]

Patriotic Parfait Ring

Happy Flag Day! It’s true I don’t know if I actually know anyone who celebrates Flag Day, but hey it’s a holiday. Any holiday deserves an extra special dessert! This Patriotic Parfait Ring can be made for any patriotic holiday, or anytime at all really. They red is strawberry, the white is a whipped cream and egg white […]

Root Beer Float Frosting

Hey, Do you sometimes get a hankering for a root beer float? I do. If you are a root beer lover and a frosting lover then this is the recipe for you! This is what is called an Italian meringue buttercream frosting. The main difference between Italian meringue buttercream and other buttercreams is that it […]

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! For Mother’s Day this year I made my mom this Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova because she LOVES raspberries and chocolate. If you haven’t had pavlova before, you need too! It is a meringue dessert so it is very light. The outside is sort of like a shell that cracks and is crisp while […]

Cranberry Orange Angel Food Cake

Greetings, Ah, the holidays full of fun, family, and desserts! So many super rich and sweet desserts like cookies, candies, and fudge… if only there was a lighter more refreshings dessert that was still seasonally delicious. Look no further! This Cranberry Orange Angle Food Cake fits the bill. It is as light and refreshing as […]

Fresh Lemon Angel Food Cake

Hey there, Today’s recipe is for Lemon Angel Food Cake. This cake is very light and refreshing. The lemon flavor comes from actual fresh lemon, juice and zest. It also tastes really excellent with Blueberry Ice Cream with Lemon Curd Swirl, very summery. Start the recipe by zesting 3 lemons. Set aside for later. Then […]

Starburst Mousse Pie

Hey, Today’s recipe is super tasty, very light, with a good Starburst flavor. The pie is pretty quick to make and pretty easy too. I used the mini Unwrapped Starbursts on this one and it makes things so much faster, no cutting the Starbursts or anything. It’s great! First, you start by melting the Stabursts […]