Monster Cupcakes

Hi! So, this isn’t exactly a recipe its more of a fun idea for a Halloween party/cupcake decorating ideas. So, it’s Monster Cupcakes! How much fun is that for Halloween?! This is so much fun to do with kids, they seriously love to put candy on cupcakes. Depending on the age of kids you are doing this […]

Kelly Cupcakes How-To

Salutations, So, I did a Barbie Cake How-To last year and people really seemed to enjoy it. I was wondering what other things I could post that would be similar and just as helpful for you all. That was when I thought “mini Barbie cakes? A Kelly Cupcakes How-To?!” Anyway, it was an idea and […]

Root Beer Float Frosting

Hey, Do you sometimes get a hankering for a root beer float? I do. If you are a root beer lover and a frosting lover then this is the recipe for you! This is what is called an Italian meringue buttercream frosting. The main difference between Italian meringue buttercream and other buttercreams is that it […]

Butterfinger Frosting

Hi there, This Butterfinger frosting is amazing!!! If you like Butterfingers you are going to love this! The frosting is rich and creamy with crushed Butterfingers right in it. So, you have to creaminess of the frosting and then, wham, you hit a crispy chunk of Butterfinger! Really quite a delightful experience. It works great for […]

Nanner and Niller Cupcakes

Hello there, Have you ever had Naners and Nillers? I have always loved that stuff! It is so good, but have you ever wanted to be able to eat it without a spoon? Well, with these fabulous little cupcakes you can! All the flavor of Naners and Nillers only finger food. The vanilla wafers add […]