Suet Pudding, Fun and Flavor for Your Holiday Celebration

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Happy 6 days until Christmas!

So today I have three different Suet Pudding recipes for you. Well, they aren’t “tried and true,” I mean I didn’t make these recipes all 3 times like I usually do. Instead, I did three variations of the same recipe. Thes recipe is one that I made last December, Good Old Fashioned Suet Pudding with Dried Cherries and White Chocolate. Ridiculously long name, right. Oh, well. Anyway, the variations I made this year are banana cherry, peanut butter, and cholate raspberry. They all turned out amazing and I’m not sure which is my favorite, they are all so good.

Let’s start with the Chocolate Raspberry suet pudding because that is what I started with. So, I replaced the dried cherries with fresh raspberries coated in a tablespoon of flour.

I replaced the apple with milk chocolate chips and kept the white chocolate chips. I replaced the vanilla yogurt with raspberry Greek yogurt.

Then I replaced a 1/4c. of the flour with 1/4c. cocoa powder. I didn’t add the other spices.

Once I had stirred it all together It seemed dry to me so I added the rest of the container of raspberry yogurt so 5.3oz in all.

I also used a brioche pan and two mini bundt pans to steam the puddings in.

For the sauce, I made a raspberry sauce in place of the Lick-dab used in the original recipe. For the sauce, I boiled a 12oz package of frozen raspberries with 1c. brown sugar and 2T cornstarch until it was thickened. Then I stirred in 1t. vanilla and 4T. butter.

This Chocolate Raspberry Suet Pudding turned out amazing! It was so richly chocolaty with the bright notes of raspberry, sigh, so good. If I were to make it again I think the only thing I would change is to grease the pan before I put to batter in, the chocolate and the raspberries seemed like it made it stick more. Anyway, I did grease the pans on the following Suet Puddings.

Let’s move on to the Banana Cherry Suet Pudding, this one was a particular favorite on my dads. Okay so, I replaced the apple with mashed banana, replaced the white chocolate with mini chocolate chips, and replaced the yogurt with buttermilk. I didn’t add the spices for this one either.

This time I also tried steaming the pudding in a greased 8-inch cake pan which worked great! I think I might do that all the time now.

For the sauce, I made a brown sugar cinnamon version of Lick-dab. I boiled together 2c. water, 2c. brown sugar, 1/2t. cinnamon, and 3T. cornstarch. then I added 5T. butter and 1T. vanilla. It was pretty tasty.

The resulting Banana Cherry Suet Pudding was super delicious and I highly recommend it. I’ve actually made it again since and didn’t change anything at all.

Alright, so I saved the riches for last: Peanut Butter Suet Pudding. For this one, I replaced the dried cherries with Reese’s Pieces, replaced the apple with peanut butter, and replaced the white chocolate chips with peanut butter chips. I also switched the yogurt to buttermilk and only used 1/2t. cinnamon. Oh, and I replaced 1/4c. of the flour with peanut butter powder.

I steamed this pudding in a greased 8-inch round cake pan too.

For the sauce, I did both hot fudge and a peanut butter hot fudge! For the hot fudges in two separate saucepans bring 1/2c. brown sugar 1 1/2T. cornstarch 3T either cocoa powder or peanut butter powder, and 1/2c. milk to a boil until thickened then add 2T. butter and 1/2t. vanilla.

Once the Peanut Butter Suet Pudding is steamed just add the two sauces and done! This one is crazy, super rich – so small slices are perfect. If I made this again I might use chopped cocktail peanuts in place of Reese’s Pieces, it might add a nice crunch and help cut down on the richness. Though it was great the way it was.

So, I hope that this post gives you the confidence to branch out and make a fun and delicious Suet Pudding variation that is all your own. It is really a pretty forgiving recipe that allows you to play with it a lot. Let me know what you try and how it works out in the comments.

Original Experiment By: Rilla Banks