Skeletal Hand Cake How-To

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Happy Halloween!

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a super awesome Skeletal Hand Cake! This cake is going to be the best edible Halloween centerpiece ever! Basically, it is a four layer cake surrounded with cake truffle eyeballs and a skeletal hand reaching up from the side, reaching for its eyes! It’s a little creepy but it is fun. The hand is also made out of cake truffle. This is an awesome looking cake that is 100% edible and delicious, no yucky fondant here thank you.

You’re going to start by making three cake mixes. Two of the cake mixes are going to be made into four 9-inch round cakes. The other can be baked however you want, it’s just going to become cake truffle. You are also going to want to make some frosting. I tinted mine red, green, and purple. First, we will start with the cake truffle. Just place your cake for the cake truffles in a large bowl.

Crumble the cake into fine crumbs.

Add about 3-4 tablespoons of frosting. You want the mixture to remain crumbly unless it is squeezed together, then it should hold its form.

Now, we are going to make the skeletal hand. The basic shape of each bone is going to be a log, that is thinner in the middle and has an indent at each end. Except for the fingertips they will have an indent on one end and be rounded on the other end.

Place the finished bones on a waxed paper lined pan. Just use your own hand as a guide to approximate bone size and length relative to the other bones. It usually works best to make the bones bigger than your hand. They hold together better for dipping then.

Continue until you have made all five fingers. Each consisting of four bones except for the thumb which has three bones.

Roll the rest of the cake truffle mix into balls to make eyes with. Freeze for at least half an hour.

When the half hour is almost up, melt some white candy melts and get your dipping station all set up. You will need a waxed paper lined pan and a dipping tool, I just use a plastic fork with the middle two tines removed.

Now, working with one bone at a time, dip each bone in the white chocolate and place it on the prepared pan to set.

Try to keep the bones in order so it won’t be confusing when we stick them together.

Go ahead and dip the eyes now too. Refrigerate the truffles until set.

We will go ahead and finish the eyeballs now. Melt some red candy melts in a disposable piping bag with a small hole cut in the end of it. Pipe squiggly lines coming out from the center of the eye. So, the eyes will look bloodshot.

With the remaining red candy melts in the bag pipe a pool of it on the waxed paper and place one eye in it.

Next, pipe a small circle of green or purple frosting in the center of the eye.

Top each eye with a brown M&M or Reese’s Pieces, that will be the pupil. Now, just refrigerate the eyes until your ready to use them.

Now the skeletal hand! For this, you are going to need something that is curved so that you can lay the fingers over the surface to set so they can curve over the edge of the cake. Flower Formers work well for this, if you don’t have those then perhaps a rolling pin with cake mix boxes on either side to make it so it isn’t quite as curved. Okay so melt some more white candy melts in a disposable piping bag and pipe some onto an adjoining end of a bone.

Place the adjoining bone against it and gently place it on the curve to set add more candy melts as needed to stick the two together. The tip of the finger and the first two bones after that are the ones that need to be the most curved.

Continue “gluing” the bones together until you have a whole finger.

Then keep up the good work until you have all the fingers and the thumb “glued” together. Add a touch more melted chocolate to each joint for good measure. Allow it to set slightly.

Pick five almond slivers to use as fingernails for the hand and stick them on with a bit of melted chocolate and then place the hand in the freezer or refrigerator until you’re ready for it.

Now, we assemble the cake. For this cake don’t put it right in the middle of your cake board but rather closer to one side, this is so you will have enough room for the skeletal hand.  I used red icing in the middle so it looks more like a bloody scene, but you can use whatever you would prefer.

Next, just do a rough icing on the sides of the cake in green. You could make it smooth if you want to, but I like the rough look for this particular cake.

Spread red icing over the top of the cake.

Add the thick layer of Oreo cookie crumbs to the top for dirt. Don’t go all the way to the edge or your top border will fall off.

Pipe a border in purple around the top edge, leaving about a third of the top without a border. Now it is time to place the hand! Start with the pinky finger and then follow with the rest. You may have to cut some of them just a bit on the longest bone so that it will fit well on the cake. I had to cut a couple of mine. The thumb just sort of grips the outside of the cake.

Pipe some more border to make up the space near the hand if you need too. Pipe a purple border all around the bottom of the cake and were the fingers end. Then use your fingers to scrape through the “dirt” to reveal the red frosting beneath. This makes it look like the skeleton was reaching for its eyes and then got dragged back downward…. creepy right?

Lastly just add eyeballs. I put two on the top one of them with the pooled candy melts around the bottom and a regular one. Also, place them all around the bottom edge of the cake as space on your cake board allows.

It is complete! This creepy Skeletal Hand Cake will have your Halloween guest raving. Not only will it look awesome, but it is all completely edible. Well, not just edible but also completely delicious! Seriously, everyone will be super impressed and love this cake!

What is your favorite Halloween dessert?


Original How-To and Cake Design By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)

The Original Skeletal Hand Cake from 2005: