Kelly Cupcakes How-To

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So, I did a Barbie Cake How-To last year and people really seemed to enjoy it. I was wondering what other things I could post that would be similar and just as helpful for you all. That was when I thought “mini Barbie cakes? A Kelly Cupcakes How-To?!” Anyway, it was an idea and as you can tell it turns out pretty cute. These Kelly cupcakes would be great if you are having a birthday party for a little girl. It can be especially helpful if that little girl is used to getting to stick her face in the cake, but you actually want to share the cake with several people. This way she gets her own super cute Kelly Cupcake and a Kelly doll and no one else has to have her germs. This Kelly Cupcake How-To is also great if you are celebrating multiple girls birthdays at once than they each get their own cake decorated especially for them!

First, you are going to bake 6 jumbo cupcakes. I just used a cake mix. Be sure to grease and flour the jumbo muffin tin well.

Let the jumbo cupcakes cool upside down on a wire rack.

Next, you are going to make your frosting and tint the frosting to your desired color/s. I used 6 different colors, so each cupcake would have its own unique personality. This is a link to the frosting I used: Nanner and Niller Cupcakes.

Now you are going to want to put the cupcakes on something for serving them. You can either serve them on individual plates or cut a cake board into six 5-inch rounds.

Let’s talk Kelly for a second. Be careful what Kelly doll you choose to use. You are going to want one that either has short hair or an updo otherwise you’ll get Kelly hair in your frosting… Once, you have chosen your Kellies it’s time to make some tops for them. I used black fondant and painted it using edible dusting colors. Of course, you could just use different colored fondant too. First, roll out a small amount of fondant. Honestly, I just pressed it out with my fingers.

Cut it so that the top edge is smooth. The bottom edge doesn’t matter as much because it won’t show.

Then wrap the top around Kelly. The back doesn’t matter too much either because it won’t show much.

To use the dusting colors to make a “paint,” just mix it with some clear extract. I used almond extract, but any clear extract will work. Just combine the two until they create a good thickish consistency.

I like to use the dusting color because it comes out so nice and sparkly!

You can make any kind of top you want for your Kellies, as you can see I just experimented and had fun making them up. You can do halter tops, strapless, over one shoulder, whatever your mind thinks of! Set the Kellies aside to dry.

While they dry it is time to work with the cupcakes. Use a thin knife to cut a Kelly sized cylinder out of the middle of the cupcake.

Cut about a 1/4-inch slice off the end of the cylinder and use it to plug the hole in the top of the cupcake.

Put some frosting down on the cake board or plate. Place the cupcake upside down on top.

Now use your knife to carefully shape the top of the cupcake so that it is more bell-shaped. This will give the dress a nicer look, less, “wow that is just an upside-down cupcake” look. Carving the cupcakes should be quite easy just remember, doing more of a shaving vs. gouging will work better. You can always take off more if you think you need to. Also, don’t sweat it too much; it will get covered with icing anyway and icing can cover a multitude of… accidents.

Now it’s time to frost the dresses! Grab your icing, some piping bags, and a few piping tips. I used a ruffle/rose tips, a leaf tip, a star tip, a round tip, and a mum tip. You can make all the dresses the same or all different. The first step is to pipe around the bottom of the cupcake so that it is evener.

Then just pipe around with your pattern.

Don’t forget to put in your Kelly doll! When you put in Kelly be sure to pipe a bit of frosting around her waist to make sure she stays in place well. I used a round tip on this dress and a pearl border. Oh, you can also add a few sprinkles to make the dress look even more finished.

On this dress, I used a leaf tip. It makes for a cool, sort of ragged, jungle dress.

Or you can do elegant ruffles, every princess’ dream. Just use a rose tip and kind of jiggle it back and forth while your piping.

Another option is to use a star tip. You could cover the dress in stars or rosettes like I did.

If you chose you can use a mum tip, it kind of looks like a smile. For this one, I piped a design around the dress.

Then I just filled in the design, ruffles on the bottom and little cup-ish things on the top.

Your Kellies are ready for the party! Each one happy, gorgeous, and ready for some fun! I am sure that any little girl that you make these for will be completely delighted with her very own Kelly cupcake. If you wondering “how would I outdo these cupcakes for her next birthday?” don’t worry you can make her a full-size Barbie Cake next year!

Have an idea for a cake but don’t know how to make it? Let me know and I’ll try to help you.


Original How-To By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)