Homemade Fun Dip

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The recipe I’m going to share with you today it ridiculously easy, seriously two ingredients. Before I share the recipe though I want to tell you some exciting news: I’m going to be publishing an ebook! I’m going to sell it on Amazon. Hopefully, I will publish in November or early December. It is going to be a book about special Christmas breakfasts like Reese’s Stuffed Monkey Bread, Apple Cinnamon Bread, Gingerbread Pancakes, and Oreo Scones! I’m super excited about it. Anyway, because of the work on the ebook (and being short staffed at my day job, so I have to work more there) I am going to only post 1 recipe a week for the month of October and possibly November. That way I’ll be able to get the ebook done on time. So, for this month of October, everything is going to be Halloween themed!

This Homemade Fun Dip is so easy to make and you can dip anything in it that you would like: suckers, ring pops, marshmallows, and even fingers that have first been dipped in vanilla glaze (I’m serious people, I did that and… AMAZING!).

As I mentioned this recipe only takes two ingredients: a small package of flavored gelatin and a package of unsweetened Kool-Aid.

So, pour your gelatin into a small bowl. You can use any flavor you want too! Using all kinds of crazy flavors is what makes this recipe so fun, especially for kids. I used lime, watermelon, and pineapple.

Add 1-2 packages of Kool-Aid to each bowl. One package gives the mix a nice tart taste, but two packages gives it a super sour punch! I used Grape Kool-Aid in the lime gelatin, Watermelon in watermelon, and Peach Mango in the pineapple gelatin.

Stir together very well, It works best if you have some little whiskes to use.

Now, try your flavors – you can use your moistened finger.

Or you can use a lolly pop.

That’s it! It would be a fun Halloween activity for kids to make their own crazy flavored Homemade Fun Dip. There are so many flavors of gelatin and Kool-Aid out their the combinations are almost endless! Kids will have lots of fun making flavors and trying everyone else’s flavors too. I really liked the lime with grape and the pineapple/peach mango was seriously good!

What flavor comdinations do you think would make a good Homemade Fun Dip?

Homemade Fun Dip
Homemade Fun Dip: Use any flavor of gelatin and Kool-Aid that you want too! Be creative, be crazy, have fun!
  • 1 small package any flavor gelatin
  • 1-2 packages unsweetened Kool-Aid any flavor
  1. Place the gelatin in a small bowl. Add the Kool-Aid 1 package for a nice tart flavor and 2 for extra sour.
  2. Whisk together very well.
  3. Enjoy! Dip in moistened fingers, suckers, marshmallows, and more!

Recipe By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)

Recipe Originally Form: “Puck” soemthing that my mom and her sisters used to make when they were young.