Gobstopper Style Cake Truffles

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Today’s recipe is really fun. It is basically a cake truffle, but instead of being all the same color on the inside it has layers, just like a gobstopper! Of course, it isn’t hard like the gobstopper candy, it just has layers like it. For mine, I made each layer a different color and flavor. Very fun, great for parties. If you did them for a graduation you could make them in the colors of the graduate’s school or if they were for a wedding you could do it in the wedding colors. It makes it extra fun because on the outside they just look like regular cake truffles, see…

But on the inside, wha-bam! I suppose this could be like a life lesson “Don’t judge a truffle by the chocolate it’s dipped.” Haha, I don’t know, perhaps.

At any rate, let’s get started. First, you need to bake four cakes. I just used mixes, and added Kool-Aid and food coloring. This is the same type of cake that I used to make my sister’s birthday cake.

I always start a cake with the wet ingredients in the bowl first.

Then I added the Kool-Aid.

Then the cake mix. Last comes the food coloring, I used the paste kind of coloring but you can use the liquid kind too, as long as you don’t add too much.

Then, just bake the cake as directed on the box. Always be sure to thoroughly grease and flour your cake pans. Repeat with the remaining 3 cake mixes. The Kool-Aid flavors I used were Green Apple (I’m so excited about this flavor! It’s so good), Mango Peach (always a favorite), Grape (all time favorite), and Pink Lemonade.

Once the cake has baked and cooled completely, cut off the edges and discard them.

Now, get four large bowls one for each cake. Rip the cakes into pieces and place them in their bowls.

Crumble them up with your fingers until they are nice and fine.

Add some frosting to the crumbles, I used about 4 tablespoons for each cake. You might need more or you might need less, you just want the crumbs to be able to hold there shape when pressed together lightly.

After you are satisfied with the consistency of your crumbs grab a sheet pan with sides and line it with waxed paper. Then, pick which color/flavor you want as the middle and use a slightly heaping half teaspoon to scoop up some cake crumbs, press it into a ball, and place it on the pan. Place the pan in the freezer for a while so that the cake truffles are easier to work with, it took mine about an hour.

Once your middles are nice and cold, place them in the refrigerator and just work with one at a time so that they don’t thaw out too much. Grab a middle. Use one heaping teaspoon of cake crumbs and press it into a thin layer between you palms.

Set the middle in the center of the thin layer and wrap the layer around the middle, like so:

Place the ball back in the refrigerator and repeat with the remaining middles. You can use all different colors of cake crumbs to wrap around the middles.

The last layer you do the same thing as the previous layer only this time you must be sure to use a different color/flavor cake crumb then the previous layer. Oh, and for this layer instead of using just one heaping teaspoon of cake crumbs you are going to need two heaping teaspoons of cake crumbs. So again, flatten some cake crumbs in you hand.

Place a ball in the middle.

Wrap the ball in this last layer and refrigerate.

Next, get some sprinkles for decorating. I used rainbow jimmies, tiny nonpareils, and some big nonpareils that are fruit flavored.

Then melt some chocolate, I have a chocolate melting pot that works well for me. I also used Ghirardelli melting wafer, which I really like.

My chocolate dipping tool of choice is just a plastic fork with the middle two tines broken off of it. Seriously, it works great and is a lot cheaper then buying chocolate dipping tools.

Again you are going to want to lines a pan or two with waxed paper. Work with one truffle at a time. Place a truffle on the fork.

Drop the truffle in the chocolate. Use you dipping tool to gently move the cake around in the melted chocolate so that the whole thing gets coated. Use the dipping tool to remove the truffle from the melted chocolate. Gently tap the wrist holding the fork with you other hand so that you can tap off extra chocolate.

Place the truffle on the waxed paper lined pan.

Sprinkle with sprinkles!

Repeat with the remaining truffles. Once the chocolate has hardened on the truffles just use a pairing knife to remove any chocolate trails that might be on the truffles.

All done! Now, do what I know you have been dying to do and bite one open!



Gobstopper Style Cake Truffles
Gobstopper Style Cake Truffles: These cake truffles have three layers! Each a different color and flavor. Super fun!
  • 4 white cake mixes
  • Eggs, oil, and water (however many your cake mixes say you need)
  • 4 different flavor/colors of Kool-Aid
  • Food coloring to match the Kool-Aid
  • Frosting
  • Chocolate melting wafers
  • Sprinkles
  1. Place wet ingredients for cake mix in the bowl of an electric mixer add the one envelope of Kool-Aid, mix well. Mix in the cake mix. Mix in the food coloring that matches the Kool-Aid color. Pour into a prepared pan or two and bake according to package directions. Repeat with remaining cake mixes.
  2. Once the cakes have been baked and cooled, cut the edges off of them. Place each cake in it's own bowl and crumble it with you fingers. To each bowl of crumbs add about 4 T of frosting. The crumbs should still appear to be crumbs, but should hold it's shape when pressed lightly together.
  3. Pick one color/flavor of crumbs to use for the middle. To make the middle squish a heaping ½ t pf crumbs in your hand and from it into a ball. Place the ball on a sheet pan with sides lined with waxed paper. Repeat until all of that color of cake crumb is gone. Place the pan with the middles on it in the freezer for about a hour.
  4. Remove the pan form the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. Use a heaping 1 t of crumbs (any color) for the next layer. Press the crumbs in between you  palms until you have a nice thin layer then place a middle in the middle of it and wrap the thin layer of crumbs around the middle. Roll slightly to form a ball, place back in the refrigerator and repeat with remaining middles.
  5. For the last layer use 2 heaping teaspoons of cake crumbs. Press the crumbs into a thin layer in the palm of your hand and place one of the balls in it, wrap the thin layer around and roll gently to form a ball. return to the refrigerator. Repeat with remaining balls.
  6. Melt you chocolate wafers and gather your sprinkles together. Line two more pans with waxed paper.
  7. Working with one cake ball at a time, dip the cake ball in the melted chocolate. Gently tap off any extra chocolate, place the truffle on the lined pan, and sprinkle with sprinkles. Repeat until all the cake truffles are dipped and sprinkled.
  8. Trim off any excess chocolate that has pooled around the truffles.

Original Recipe By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)