Fabulous Fudge Experiments, Sweet and Fun!

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Season Greetings!

So, I have to admit that out of all the different experiments I did for the month of December, the fudge was the pickiest. That is to say that 2 out of the 4 fudges I tried, didn’t work out right. I am, however, going to tell you about them anyway so you know what not to do! By the way, the two fudges that did turn out are AMA-ZING!your really going to like them. The two fudges that didn’t work, I think I could get to work if I made them again with a few modifications and we’ll get into that later.

So, let’s start with the fudge recipe that I started with, in the experiment. Starburst Fudge! Yes, this one did work out and it is so good! The recipe that I based all of the fudge recipes off is from this post: The best brownie ever topped with peanut butter fudge. This Brownie is super amazing too, if you feel the need to make it ūüėČ For Starburst Fudge I used all regular white sugar and no brown sugar.

Follow the instructions until the “stir in peanut butter bit.” This is where I added the starbursts, just unwrap and cut into¬†quarters. I stirred them in with the marshmallow¬†creme so they had the most time to melt.

See what a pretty pink color it makes?! I used original flavor by the way. Other flavors will, of course, produce other colors. You might want to melt one of each together in the microwave and stir them up first to see what kind of color they will make. You do want it to be appetizing.

Allow to set overnight and voila! They did come out just a touch softer then normal fudge but it was fine. To improve it you could possibly add just a bit more Starbursts. But honestly, it was good as is! For serving it works well to put them in individual mini cupcake papers!

Now we’ll cover the two that didn’t work and end with another one that did (possibly my favorite). Okay, the Cheesecake Fudge I attempted was a complete flop! I used white and brown sugar and replaced the peanut butter with cream cheese.

Why was it so bad? It didn’t set up, like, at all! Also, the cream cheese was a bit lumpy in there somehow too, yuck! If I were to attempt¬†to make cheesecake fudge again I might do 2 cups white chocolate and perhaps a 1/4c of cream cheese. If I try it again, it was such a fail! Lesson to learn: cream cheese and peanut butter do not work the same in all recipe, especially fudge…

Fudge Fail 2, was an attempt at Nanner and Niller¬†Fudge or banana¬†pudding fudge, whatever you call it. The flavor was outstanding! But it didn’t quite set up, it wasn’t as bad and the Cheesecake Fudge, but still not firm enough to be fudge. I did use brown sugar and white sugar in this which was fine. ¬†Oh, and I coated the pan with Vanilla Wafer crumbs after I buttered the pan, which worked great and added just the right amount of flavor.

So, I used 1 cup of white chocolate and 1c. mashed ripe banana in place of the peanut butter.

Once I poured it into the pan I quickly covered it with more Vanilla Wafer crumbles.

The result? Fabulous taste, but kinda runny as you can see in the picture. If I made this again, which I intend to because it tased to good, I would do 2c. white chocolate and perhaps only 1/2c. mashed banana. Also, I think I would mash the banana up a little more.

Lastly, A white chocolate, caramel, cinnamon sugar fudge… This one turned out amazing and it might be my favorite of the four, the Starburst Fudge is good though… For this fudge, I coated the buttered pan with cinnamon sugar and plenty of it.

Then I replaced all the peanut butter with white chocolate chips.

I poured half of the fudge into the pan and topped/spread on a can of Dulce de Leche.

Then I poured on the remaining half of the white chocolate fudge, then quickly added a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to the top.

The resulting fudge? Delicious similar to my Caramel Snickerdoodle Cups! Is there anything I would change if I made it again? Flavor-wise no it turned out great! Execution-wise, I think it would work better if I put the Dulce de Leche in a piping bag and piped it over the first layer of fudge it would work better then attempting to spread it.

So, there you have it four different fudge experiments! Main things we learned 1. cream cheese and peanut butter are not the same when it comes to fudge 2. coating the pan with something (crumbs or cinnamon sugar) before pouring in the fudge is awesome and works super well. 3. banana and peanut butter do not act the same in fudge 4. peanut butter and chocolate seem to act very similar in fudge 5. putting in a layer of something else in a fudge is a great idea, if it’s spreadable 6. you can use all white sugar to make fudge if you need to 7. also, Starbursts and peanut butter react¬†fairly similarly in fudge, however, Starbursts come out a bit softer. I hope you have enjoyed these Fudge Experiments I know I did and I look forward to improving on them.

What is your best fudge that you make or what is the worst fudge fail you have had?

Original Experiment By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)