Blackberry Brown Sugar Shortcake

Hi, We have likely all had strawberry shortcake, and it is delicious, but what about other berries? They must feel so left out! Well, the blackberry doesn’t need to feel left out anymore! This Blackberry Brown Sugar Shortcake will have you wondering “why haven’t I had this before?” The biscuits are sweetened with brown sugar, the blackberries are […]

Pretty Pineapple Punch

Hello, Are you in the midst of planning a luau or a summertime party? Then this is the punch you need to make. Your guests are sure to enjoy this punch with its bright flavor.  It has lots of pineapple flavor with a good portion of lemonade flavor too. Also, it is ridiculously easy to […]

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! For Mother’s Day this year I made my mom this Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova because she LOVES raspberries and chocolate. If you haven’t had pavlova before, you need too! It is a meringue dessert so it is very light. The outside is sort of like a shell that cracks and is crisp while […]

Unicorn Food

Salutations, I’m so excited to share this recipe with you! It’s called Unicorn Food… Yes, don’t you want to eat some already!? Hold on though, you don’t’ even know what it is yet. It’s sort of like the Leprechaun Food I made for St. Patrick’s day only… EVEN MORE AMAZING!! Basically, you take skittles, fruity […]

Leprechaun Food

Happy (almost) St.Patrick’s Day! This Leprechaun Food is basically like a Chex mix sort of thing, it’s just coated in vanilla candy coating instead of seasonings and such. So, it’s a sweet snack food or it could be a dessert. It has lucky charms, corn Chex, salted peanuts, mini pretzels, and M&M’s in it! I […]