Patriotic Parfait Ring

This post may contain affiliate links. Happy Flag Day! It’s true I don’t know if I actually know anyone who celebrates Flag Day, but hey it’s a holiday. Any holiday deserves an extra special dessert! This Patriotic Parfait Ring can be made for any patriotic holiday, or anytime at all really. They red is strawberry, the white is […] ‎

Blueberry Whoopie Pies

This post may contain affiliate links. Greeting, Whoopie Pies are amazing… blueberries are amazing… Blueberry Whoopie Pies are fully awesome! Okay so I admit that kind of logic doesn’t always work, but in this case, it does. These Blueberry Whoopies Pies are full of bright blueberry flavor with all the delightfulness of a whoopie pie. […]

Celebration Pinwheels

This post may contain affiliate links. Hi! Have you ever eaten cookie dough and cake batter together? If you haven’t you definitely should, it is SO good! Those are the leading flavors of these Celebration Pinwheels. The cookie dough is on the outside and then the inner part is cake batter ice cream! These tasty […]

Frozen Dulce De Leche Pops

Hello all, This recipe is so simple, only 4 ingredients! These pops don’t take too long to make either. Plus, it tastes pretty great too! If you like caramel you are bound to like these. First, we make the dulce de leche part. Whip one cup of heavy cream to medium-stiff peaks. Fold in one […]

Cotton Candy Popsicles

Hey, Don’t you love cotton candy? Nothing quite says summer like cotton candy. Just the taste can transport you to happy memories of going to the fair, amusement park, or even the zoo. I don’t have a cotton candy maker, but I always like the try things that are cotton candy flavored. That is what […]