Brownie Batter Pudding

Hello friends, You remember the Cake Batter Pudding I made last month? Well, this pudding is pretty similar it is just brownie batter flavored instead. If you are a brownie batter fan then this is definitely for you. This pudding in thick, rich, and chocolatey. Brownie Batter Pudding is great for Valentine’s Day or any day […]

Cake Batter Pudding

Hey, Okay, enough of this “healthy” stuff! Let’s have some real desserts, something creamy, something sweet, something… cake batter flavored! Yes, that’s it Cake Batter Pudding!!! This pudding is thick, creamy, sweet, and oh so cake battery!!! I can’t wait anymore, let’s make it. In a saucepan whisk together cornstarch and yellow cake mix. Whisk […]

Starburst Creme Brulee

Hey, You might be thinking Creme Brulee isn’t that hard to make? Well actually it really isn’t that difficult or time consuming. Yes, it has to bake for an hour and about fifteen minutes but really once it is in the oven you don’t have to mess with it unlike say cookie where you might […]