Fantastically Fruity Crispys

This post may contain affiliate links. Howdy, So, I had some fruity cereals lying around and I was in the mood for crispy treats. So, I got some fruity marshmallows and skittles and made these Fantastically Fruity Crispys! They are super good, loads of fruity flavor, and easy to make. I love the crunchy/chewy skittles […]

Earth Day Rice Crispys

This post may contain affiliate links. Happy Earth Day! Do you celebrate Earth Day? If so, you might want a nice Earth Day dessert – like these Earth Day Rice Crispys. They are basically regular rice crispys with blue food coloring added to one batch and green food coloring added to the other batch. Then they get […]

Trail Mix Crispy Treats

This post may contain affiliate links. Hello, Here is a “healthy” snack for you, Trail Mix Crispy Treats! Why are they healthy you ask? Well, because they have trail mix mixed into them, trail mix equals nuts which equal protein! We all know protein is good for us, it’s one of the building blocks of life […]

Triple Chocolate Rice Crispys

This post may contain affiliate links. Hello there, So, you remember the Triple Layer Kool-Aid Crispys I did back in May, right? Well, what could possibly be better than that? I’ll tell you, Triple Chocolate Rice Crsipys, that’s what! Three layers of chocolate rice crispy: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate! We start by […]

Butterfinger Crispy Treats

Howdy, There is nothing quite like a Butterfinger, the weird layery, peanut buttery inside coated in that super thin milk chocolate. They are quite delightful. They are also quite good in a rice cripsy treat! Basically, this is a rice crispy treat with crushed Butterfingers in it and on top of it, with a drizzle […]

Watermelon Crispy Treats

Happy Independence Day USA!!! The recipe I have for you today is great for picnics, outdoor get together, and, of course, July 4th! Think of a rice crispy only pink with a green “rind,” but wait it gets better! These crispys don’t just look like watermelon they also taste like watermelon too! The watermelon flavor […]

Cookie Dough Crispys

Hi, So, today’s recipe is a little bit addictive and super good! Seriously, I was just looking through my pictures picking the ones I wanted to upload and I was drooling… Probably should wash off my keyboard. Anyway, these are spectacular and turned out even better then I thought they might! They are rice crispys […]

Pop Tart Crispys

Yo, Today’s recipe combines two breakfast favorites Pop Tarts and rice crispy! While you could eat this bar for breakfast, I would recommend it as a snack instead. It has all the crispyness of a rice crispy and the flavor of the Pop Tart. The Pop Tarts I used were the Wild Berry ones, my […]