Earth Day Rice Crispys

Happy Earth Day! Do you celebrate Earth Day? If so, you might want a nice Earth Day dessert – like these Earth Day Rice Crispys. They are basically regular rice crispys with blue food coloring added to one batch and green food coloring added to the other batch. Then they get pressed together and cut […] ‎

Brown Sugar Frosted Banana Bars

Hey there, I’m really excited to share these Brown Sugar Frosted Banana Bars with you today. The base is almost like a dense cake. The brown sugar frosting… oh, the frosting… is rich and thick and definitely EPIC sweet! The banana in this recipe is not overpowering, as bananas can sometimes be. The brown sugar frosting is […]

Brownie Hearts

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! These Brownie Hearts are perfect for giving to your sweetheart. It starts with a layer of brownie, then you put homemade oreo filling on top of that (I told you had had plans to use it in February), then you just roll it up from both ends to make a heart! […]

Trail Mix Crispy Treats

Hello, Here is a “healthy” snack for you, Trail Mix Crispy Treats! Why are they healthy you ask? Well, because they have trail mix mixed into them, trail mix equals nuts which equal protein! We all know protein is good for us, it’s one of the building blocks of life so a bit of added protein […]

Cookies and Cream Jar Mix

Hello again, As promised, this is the second of three jar mixes that I am going to post for you this holiday season. The first jar mix I posted was for those people that like vanilla better than chocolate, they are called  Very Vanilla Bars. This one, however, is great for the people on your […]

Very Vanilla Bars Jar Mix

Happy Holidays Folks! If you are having a hard time trying to decide what to give people for Christmas (or other holiday) your search is over! If you want to, you can give people what I’m giving to all my friends and family this year… jar mixes! Basically, a jar mix is all the dry […]

Triple Chocolate Rice Crispys

Hello there, So, you remember the Triple Layer Kool-Aid Crispys I did back in May, right? Well, what could possibly be batter then that? I’ll tell you, Triple Chocolate Rice Crsipys, that’s what! Three layers of chocolate rice crispy: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate! We start by prepping the pan. Line a 9″x13″ […]

Inside Out Cookie Dough Pinwheels

What ho!!! Remember those amazing Brownie Cookie Dough Pinwheels I shared back in April? Well, this recipe is basically a reverse of those with blondie in place of the brownie and chocolate cookie dough in place of the chocolate chip cookie dough. These Inside Out Cookie Dough Pinwheels are just as good, and some people even […]