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So, I hope you like the color pink because…. you’re gonna see a lot of it in this post. Today I’m gonna teach you how to make a super awesome Barbie cake! This is a great cake to make for any girl, I made it for a little girl for her 4th birthday! So, let’s break this thing down into its totally epic parts: 1. the inside of the cake is Ombre 2. This cake uses an actual Barbie, not one of those half doll things you buy at a cake supply place 3. the cake is carved, but it’s pretty simple 4. the cake is decorated with buttercream, not fondant so it will actually taste good! Are you ready for this? Then let’s begin.

First, we need the Barbie. The one I used was perfect her clothes were all just like a part of her so I didn’t have to worry about piping a top on for her. If you can, try to find one like that.

Next, we need to find a round cookie cutter that is big enough to go around the larger part of your Barbie (her hips). You don’t want it to be way too big, but not way too tight of a squeeze either.

Now, bake your cakes, I used 9-inch round cakes, and level them. I did pink Ombre, just add a bit more food coloring to each layer. I leveled my cakes to about a 1/2 inch each and I needed 6 layers. With the cookie cutter, cut a hole out of the middle of a layer of cake. Remove the “doughnut hole.”

Place the layer, you just cut the middle out of, directly on top of another layer. So, that it is all lined up. Place the cookie cutter in the hole it made previously and cut the middle out of the bottom layer. In this way, all your holes will be lined up nicely.

Continue with remaining layers.

See the Ombre effect? So cool!

At this point, you will want to freeze your layers so that they will be easier to work with for the next step, which will be frosting! First, pipe a circle on your cake board. Then pipe a dam (that is what it’s called when you pipe around the edges of the cake to hold in the filling). Add a nice thick layer of frosting. Repeat with remaining layers. Be sure to make it so that the last layer is upside down, this will help prevent excessive crumbling. Once you think you have enough layers frosted together, place your Barbie (wrapped in plastic wrap) in your cake to see if it is tall enough yet. Once your cake is tall enough freeze it until it is nice and hard.

Once your cake is good and frozen it is time for the carving!

The trick to carving is to just shave off very thin bits at a time. That way you won’t end up with huge gouges out of your cake.

A cake turntable really comes in handy here. It works well to hold your knife at the same angle, using lots of sawing action and turn the turntable with your other hand.

Occasionally, place your Barbie in the cake to see how much more carving you would like to do or if you think it looks good enough to be done.

Remember that once you pipe on the frosting that will add some more size to the dress so try to take that into account with your carving. This is a pretty messy part in the process, cake and frosting bits everywhere!

Once you are satisfied with your carving clear away all the bits of cake and frosting and then spread a crumb coat over your freshly carved cake. A crumb coat is just a really thin layer of icing to help keep the crumbs from messing up your final cake. Freeze the cake again.

Wrap just the lower part of your Barbie with plastic wrap, that is just the part that will be inside the cake.

Place a star tip (I used Wilton tip 1 M) in a piping bag, and fill the bag with your frosting.

Place the Barbie in the middle of the cake. Be sure her arms are out of the way!

Now if you see she has some space around her like this:

Just pipe some frosting in around her to secure her in place.

Pipe a half rosette around the bottom of the cake.

Now work your way up the cake piping rosettes.

Oh, just in case you aren’t familiar with a rosette this is how you do it:

Ta-Da! Isn’t she pretty?

To finish just add a few white pearlized Sixlets around the top of the dress.

Place a few more Sixlets around in the dress anywhere you see a hole in your rosettes or just anywhere you think it would look nice. I used pink and white pearlized Sixlets in two different sizes each.

She is done, and ready for the party!!

Oh, I suppose I should mention this is an extremely tall cake, so it won’t fit in a cake carrier… I had to put mine in just a plain box. If you put a bit of sticky shelf liner in the bottom of the box it will help keep the cake from shifting around too much.

Enjoy your beautiful Barbie cake!!

Original How-To By: Rilla Banks (A.K.A. Epic Sweet)

27 thoughts on “Barbie Cake How-To

    1. Hey Becky,
      This cake should feed about 20-30 people at least. When I served it I cut it in slices and then cut each slice in half width-wise.

      Thanks Becky!
      Happy Baking,
      Rilla Banks

    1. Nadia,
      No freezing the cake does not affect the flavor or texture in any negative ways. In fact freezing the cake actually helps the cake to stay moister. I freeze cake all the time and have never had any problems with doing so. Thank you for you inquiry.
      Happy Baking,
      Rilla Banks

    1. I used a 9-inch round cake pan. Thanks for asking, I didn’t realize that the post didn’t say! I’ll have to fix that.

      Happy Baking,

  1. How long after freezing the cake did you frost it? My icing is melting off the cake! My roses slid down, it’s a mess! I left it out for a few hours and its still pretty cold inside and still sweating. It’s humid here today. It looks awful and the party is less than 2 hours away 🙁

    1. Oh no! I frosted mine immediately after removing it from the freezer. I’m so sorry, it must be the humidity or possibly the frosting? That is so sad! I hope it turned out alright…

      Love your little TARDIS, by the way.

      Happy Baking,
      Rilla Banks

      1. I tried doing it immediately but it just sweated and melted off 🙁 Ended up not doing the roses and just frosted it and let my daughter decorate it with candy. Wasn’t perfect but it ended up pretty cute and she loved it. Thanks 🙂

        1. I’m so glad it turned out alright! That is a great idea to let your daughter decorate it with candy. I am sure that it will be very memorable for her. It’s great to involve your kids with baking.

          Thanks for letting me know how everything turned out,
          Rilla Banks

  2. How many cakes did you bake in the 9 inch pan to make this ? I saw you said 6 layers but I wasn’t sure if that was 6 cakes or 3 cut in half.

    1. Hey Laila,
      I’m not sure if there is a fitted box for a Barbie Cake. I just used a box that I had. For best results try putting some shelf liner in the bottom of the box to help keep the cake from sliding around. I wish there was a box for Barbie cakes, that would be great!

      Happy Baking,
      Rilla Banks

    1. Hey Andrea,
      It was a Babie Fairytale Ballerina Doll in pink. She worked particularly well because she already had a “shirt” on.

      Happy Baking,
      Rilla Banks

    1. Hi,
      I don’t see why you couldn’t use boiled icing. If that is the kind of icing you like then go for it!

      Happy Baking,
      Rilla Banks

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