Blackberry Brown Sugar Shortcake

Hi, We have likely all had strawberry shortcake, and it is delicious, but what about other berries? They must feel so left out! Well, the blackberry doesn’t need to feel left out anymore! This Blackberry Brown Sugar Shortcake will have you wondering “why haven’t I had this before?” The biscuits are sweetened with brown sugar, the blackberries are […]

Peaches and Cream Pie

Howdy, Tis’ the season for fresh peaches! I love peaches, they are so good, juicy and sweet. Nothing tastes quite like a peach, with its little fuzzy skin. To celebrate this wonderful fruit why not make this fabulous Peaches and Cream Pie? First, you cook the peach part then you stir in some fresh peaches. The […]

S’more Ice Cream

Well hello there, Nothing says summer quite like s’mores. The crunchy graham cracker, the melty chocolate, the toasted sweetness of the campfire roasted marshmallow – truly delightful. What about S’more Ice Cream that you could eat any time of year? That’s right! A milk chocolatey ice cream chocked full of baked graham cracker pieces and toasted […]

Kelly Cupcakes How-To

Salutations, So, I did a Barbie Cake How-To last year and people really seemed to enjoy it. I was wondering what other things I could post that would be similar and just as helpful for you all. That was when I thought “mini Barbie cakes? A Kelly Cupcakes How-To?!” Anyway, it was an idea and […]

Chocolate Fresh Fruit Cobbler

Salutations, So, I’m sure you have had fruit cobbler, and you may have had chocolate cobbler. But have you ever had Chocolate Fresh Fruit Cobbler?! It is amazing! This recipe is great because you can use any kind of fresh fruit that you think would taste good. I’ve used raspberries and Bing cherries. The pictures […]

Gooey Butter Cookie Cups

Hello, Have you ever had Gooey Butter Cake? I absolutely LOVE that stuff! I don’t get to have it that often, but when I do, yum! These Gooey Butter Cookies Cups are basically the same as a Gooey Butter Cake only they are baked in a mini muffin tin. This makes them quite a bit easier […]

Nanner and Niller Whoopie Pies

Hiya, Nanners and Nillers, some of the best pudding dessert you can ever have! The vanilla wafers soak up all the delicious pudding and the bananas add such a lovely flavor, mmm… But Nanners and Nillers isn’t very portable, is it? That is one reason why I made these Nanner and Niller Whoopie Pies. They […]


Peach Sticky Buns

Hello there, It’s time to have sweets for breakfast! Who doesn’t love to have sweets for breakfast, at least occasionally? These Peach Sticky Buns are a perfect summer breakfast treat. Of course, you don’t have to have them for breakfast, they are also great as a snack or as dessert. Just ask my dad, he practically ate […]

Caramel Filled Brownie Truffles

Hello, Caramel Filled Brownie Truffles, WHAT?! I know it sounds pretty crazy. You are gonna love this truffle! Basically, you take a brownie, cut it into squares, squish each brownie square to a flat piece, place a ball or frozen Dulce de Leche in the middle, cover the caramel with the brownie, and then dip it […] ‎

Root Beer Float Cookies

Hiya, So, I’m sure you have had a root beer float before, but have you ever had a cookie that tasted like a root beer float?! Because that is exactly what these sandwich cookies taste like! The cookie itself has root beer extract in it, then the filling is like a homemade Oreo filling. They […]